In order to quickly retrieve your favorite websites (such as product manufacturers,

building departments, and consulting  firms), you can save web site addresses to

your web browser.  The following steps will guide you through the process


1.   Find, and open, the web site or specific web page you want to save.  To open the FARBER ENERGY DESIGN web site, just click on our web site address:   http://www.farber-energy.com/  (if you go to the F.E.D. web site now and then want to return to this page, hit the “Back” button on your web browser).


Once you are viewing a web site that you want to save, you can easily save it to "Favorites" (called "bookmarks" in some web browser programs).  The following steps are for Internet Explorer, but other web browsers are similar. 


2.   Click “Favorites”, then click "Add to Favorites" (at the top of the Favorites drop-down menu).


3.   In the “Add a Favorite” dialog box:


a)    At “Name:”, check the website or web page’s given name.  If the name is not to your liking, you may change it.  For example, some websites use the name “Welcome ***” or “Home Page”.  These generic descriptions will not be helpful when trying to find the site when looking in your Favorites list.


b)    At “Create in:”, select a folder that you want the web site to be saved to.  If no existing folder is appropriate, select "New Folder" to create a new folder to save the site to.  For example, you could create a folder titled "Energy Consultants".  Note that a new folder will always be nested under the folder displayed in the “Create in:” window in this “Add a Favorite” dialog box.  If you want the new folder to be nested directly under Favorites (i.e. to not be a sub-folder of any other folder), and if “Favorites” is not displayed in the “Create in:” box, click the down arrow at this box, then scroll up to the top of the Favorites tree, and click the main Favorites folder.  Then create a new Favorites folder, and it will be nested under the main Favorites folder, rather than nested under a sub-folder.


4.   Hit the “Add” button to save the web site, with the given or changed name, to the selected, or newly created, folder.


To view the web site later, simply open your web browser, go to "Favorites" (or Bookmarks), click on the appropriate folder, then select the web site.


Tips on managing Favorites:


n  To alphabetize the order of the Favorites folders, open Favorites, right click on any folder, then choose Sort By Name. 


n  To alphabetize the order of the saved web sites within any given folder, open Favorites, select a folder, point to any web site listed in the folder, right click and choose Sort By Name.


n  New folders, and new saved websites, are saved to the bottom of the lists.  So one will need to re-alphabetize on occasion in order to maintain folders and sites in alphabetical order.


n  To change the listed name of a web site in Favorites, find the web site listing in Favorites, right click on the name and choose Rename.


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